Welsh Quarrier Cottages

-In October of 2006, the Old Line Museum in Delta was able to purchase two original stone quarrymen's cottages built by the Welsh immigrants. 

-These cottages were used as housing by the early Welsh immigrants.

-They were built in the 1850's and they were used as housing for industrial workers.

-The cottages are located in rual South Eastern PA, near Delta.

-They are made out of the famous Peach Bottom slate.

- There are two rooms on each floor, the ceilings are higher, and the windows larger.

-Through the ongoing efforts of dedicated volunteers, and generous community support, restoration is underway in the first of these cottages to return it to the way it might have appeared in the mid-19th century. 

-The second cottage is severly damaged at one corner, and must be stablized before restoration can continue. 

-Two other cottages in the immediate area are privately owned.

-This much space would have been considered a luxury for a quarry worker in the 1850s. There housing was much like millitary barracks.